Thursday, October 24, 2013

Journaling log-1

I’m an avid journaler.(..I know I said I wouldn’t make posts about myself, however, I’ve determined that that is inevitable.) I want to encourage you, reader, to a life of journaling. A life of pouring out your soul on paper, or electronic medium.

A few thoughts on journaling…

Journaling does not take a wise man (or woman), or an emotional person, or a wordsmith - it takes a reflective person. This is something that we are either born with or can acquire. Now, how do we acquire this ability? Through being observant. After all, isn't journaling just writing about your observations? For the most part.

What about those entries that spring from the soul and not the eyes? These take reflection and observation as well, examining the mind and reflecting on what takes (or took) place in the heart. What difference is there between the one who journals and the doctor who inscribes on paper the prescription? nothing!

Why journal?

Journal because you want to. If you don’t want to, you will eventually quit, and very soon and If you do stick with the art your portraits will indeed be something quite awful. How do you acquire a taste for this cuisine? By the joys that spring forth from reflecting on what you've tasted (ok “written”, sometimes i’m too poetic). And I know, this is all one never. ending. circle.

Look, let me make this plain and simple for those who appreciate plainness and simplicity, for journaling is not merely for those love elegant verbiage and beautiful wordplay: When you write in a journal you’re able to document your life for yourself, or all, to see. Myself, I am a private person, but I don’t mind being transparent, when I want to be. I challenge you to be interested enough in your own situations and emotions to ponder them upon a pad. If my own life - a snoozefest, is interesting enough to document surely you, the reader’s, life is as well.